From an interview with Kohl Crecelius of Known Supply

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Beauchamping is the studio of Gregory Beauchamp. After years spent being a creative person in advertising, I wanted to see what would happen if I made myself the client and made ‘love’ the brand, and in the process created a studio whose sole output is the conveyance of kindness in all its wondrous shapes.



Your art seems to radiate optimism for humanity. Where does this come from for you? I live with a guiding dose of idealism where trying to be on the love side of choice can affect larger change : ) I base my art on three beliefs: (1) the simpler you can make something the more universal it becomes, (2) creativity can solve anything, and (3) together we can make tomorrow better than today, for everyone.



The simplicity of your work captured me right away. How difficult is it for you to come up with such powerful, yet simple, visuals? It's always fun beginning a new piece with simplicity as a goal. Sometimes the ideas arrange themselves from the start and seem almost obvious, others need much more time to reveal and be revealed. It seems the more information I can gather and bring to each piece, the more I’m able to know where to evolve and reduce.



What other inputs or interests fuel your work? I’ve always had a curiosity towards figuring out the purpose and process of things… myself included. The greatest insights have come through the three things I love the most, a girl named Jenny and two cats, Motley and Watts.



Help us be more optimistic. The world is full of happy little moments and the chance you’re surrounded by them is enormous. 



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